We have engaged many qualified anaesthesiologists to help us to provide the highest standard of MAC / IV Sedation services. Most of them have already worked closely with dentists in private clinics, especially for young children or extensive surgical procedures. We will try to arrange with the anaesthesiologist of your choice or whoever is available at the time of yours and the patient’s preference.
In MACSC, we can provide……
> 5 years Medical Degree
> 1 year Internship
> 6 years Anaesthesia Training
Our anaesthesiologists are qualified Specialists trained with at least 5 years post fellowship experiences to administer anaesthesia. They will assess the patients before the procedures, monitor their condition during the whole treatment, and carefully observe them until they have recovered from the sedation.
Nursing Staffs
> Registered under the
   Nursing Council of HK in general nursing 
> Qualified in Basic Life Support (BLS)
Most of our nurses are locally licensed registered nurses, who are competent in assisting the anaesthesiologists performing Monitored Anaesthesia Care (MAC) and providing holistic patient care during the procedures. Ensuring patient safety, comfort and relieving patients’ anxiety are their main roles.
Qualified Dental Nurse
Our dental nurses are well-trained and qualified in Basic Life Support (BLS). And some of them are graduated from Prince Phillip Dental Hospital (PPDH). Our dental nurses are capable to assist the dentists in all sort of dental procedures and all aspects of patients’ dental care if required.