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About US

Welcome to the MAC Sedation Centre.

We know some of your patients may be anxious or even fearful concerning dental treatment or relatively invasive procedures, especially for young children. However, most dentists do not have the facility set up for sedation procedures because of space, cost and staff training.

We are set up to provide the highest standard of SEDATION facilities in a private practice environment so that dentists or specialists can rent our rooms to carry out treatment in a calm, compassionate and caring manner for their own patients.

We co-ordinate with Specialist Anaesthesiologists to assist you with the advanced sedation and anaesthesia techniques in our fully equipped treatment rooms with latest digital radiography equipment.

We are here to provide both you and your patients the easiest access to SAFE SPECIALIST SEDATION for dental treatment.

What is MAC?

In conjunction with local anaesthesia, monitored anaesthesia care (MAC) is an anaesthetic technique which can achieve the key objectives of general anaesthesia. Monitored anaesthesia care provides advantages of inducing less physiologic disturbance and allowing shorter recovery from sedation when comparing with general anaesthesia. Hence, prolonged clinical procedures is more acceptable to the clients. By using drugs with favourable pharmacokinetic profiles, many out-patient procedures are now performing minor surgical procedures under MAC technique.



MAC or IV Sedation is a much safer level of sedation compared with general anaesthesia.
Patient condition is carefully monitored using the latest equipment, especially the respiratory response.

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Our anaesthesiologists and assisting nurses are well-trained and experienced in working with dental treatment.

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We use state-of-the-art sedation equipment and advanced technology to reduce the stress associated with a visit to the dentist.

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